“When the goldenrod is yellow, And leaves are turning brown – Reluctantly the summer goes In a cloud of thistledown. When squirrels are harvesting And birds in flight appear – By these autumn signs we know September days are here.” –  Beverly Ashour

September starts our monthly Fish Fry and of course, DARTBALL begins on Wednesday, September 13th. The 1st night of Dartball coincides with Wings, so come early and have a meal.

In September the Membership Dues statements will be mailed. Return the bottom section of the Dues statement with your money and mark any changes to your membership information. Also, Election Nominations will be posted, if you want to become a member of Bonnycastle’s governing body, please sign up.

Sunday night continues to be the place to hang out. Our weekly drawing has brought many members and guests to the Club for a night of Food, Drink, and Camaraderie. Ask your friends down to the Club to enjoy our events and most importantly ask them to become a member.

A majority of the events at the Club are performed by Volunteers. SO I’M ASKING YOU!! — If you are willing to help out at any of these events, please call a Board Member and tell us you are interested in helping.

See you at the Club,

Bill Ritz- President