Another month has gone by and I am inclined to rename the Bonnycastle The “Good Times” Club. In July the club had 3 Sundays in which food was served. Our Sunday night entertainment is booming and Sunday is now one of the big nights at the club every week. What a way to end the weekend! Thirsty Thursdays are as popular as ever making Thursday the new Friday. The annual Luau is becoming one of the clubs signature events. Barb & Eddie; with a cameo appearance by our own club member Jim McGee on the drums, is always a club favorite. The club arranged a Bourbon Flight night which was a colossal success. Every time I think one event can never be outdone our members come up with a bigger and better idea. Let the good times roll!

August is a traditional month where people head to the lake to beat the heat. Well, it appears our members found a new way to beat the heat; the slushy machine is working overtime cooling of the club’s members and guests. In the month of August, the club is serving food 3 out of the 4 Sundays. Why cook in the hot weather when you can come to the club and eat, be merry and test your luck?

It’s that time of year when the club is preparing to send out dues notices, which are due October 1st. I am pleased to announce that the dues will remain the same as last year and the previous decade-plus. The club’s growth has allowed us to thrive, without raising dues. The only thing new with respect to club dues is the Kentucky State legislature passed a new tax bill in which all club dues and initiation fees are now taxable. Your dues notice will contain a separate 6% tax, which equates to $16.50. The club will then remit this amount to the state government.

I can remember back in 2012, the club’s membership was declining and the average age of a member was…let’s just say, up there.  The club’s board launched a multi-faceted effort to make the club not only relevant but offer its members valve for their money. The club renovated the facility a little bit at a time. We freshened up the club; updated some areas and now we are entering the final phase as we prepare for the club’s 100th Year Anniversary. The bar replacement project has kicked off and a new bar will be installed over the summer. The new bar will be a place where we meet for the next 100 years! It is no coincidence that after the club was renovated and we offer weekly and monthly signature events that membership climbed to the point where we are full. For the time being no new members are being interviewed and for the first time in forever, the club had a waiting list to become a member. The club is alive and well and the average age of a member has been reduced by 20 years! 

If you have an idea I would love to hear from you! Again, please do not hesitate to call me should you wish to discuss any of the items above further or wish to discuss another subject.

Yours truly,
Larry Marko
Bonnycastle Club

2018 President