The club remains open as we continue to adjust and abide by the latest government Covid-19 guidelines and regulations. The Fire Marshall Permit states the Club can safely host up to 160 people. Following the Governor’s guidelines, we are allowed up to 80 people in the club if we adhere to social distancing guidelines. We have never been close to 80 people at the club since the pandemic hit.

The club is not having many events or large social activities. However, this past month the Club hosted Hudy Night; we tapped a fresh keg of Cincinnati’s finest, Hudephol beer, and ate Skyline Chili Dogs. The best of Cincinnati right here at the Bonny. A big thank you goes out to Mark Allgeier, Chris Whigham and Chad Clifton.

I cannot reiterate the following enough (Not just for your own health and safety, but the health of the entire club and their respective families): If you are not feeling well, please stay home. If you have just a few of the symptoms of the virus, avoid the Club until you are feeling 100% better. There is no shame in self-quarantining. If you are waiting for test results, please do not come to the club. Likewise, if you have been travelling, please follow the Governor’s guidelines and self-quarantine as recommended. The Bonny will be still here when you return to full health or feel comfortable enough to come back and socialize.

The August event calendar is light by design. Taco Tuesday was August the 4th and it was well received. On August 23, Chicken 1 will host a smaller Chicken Sunday with an emphasis on carry out orders. The Investment Club continues to meet at the Club and virtually by Zoom. In September, the club will be hosting a smaller Derby Party. You must sign up in order to attend (the sheet is at the bar…come in or call), and seating will be limited. Bill Reisert and company will be once again hosting a Golf Shamble in which all proceeds will be going to Day Springs Adult Care Center…keep your eye out for more details as they become available. Chris will keep everyone apprised of the latest news via his weekly News and Notes e-mail.

For the month of August, let us focus on the word kindness. Remember…kindness is not cancelled. Being kind can come in many forms and it is the small things that mean the most. Such as:

10 Ways to Be Kind:

  • Surprise someone with a phone call or a letter
  • Make a positive comment on social media
  • Do a random act of kindness
  • Compliment someone
  • Be mindful in how you treat others
  • Think before you speak
  • Help a family member/roommate with their chores
  • Cook a meal for someone
  • Tell someone you believe in them
  • Show empathy to others

I encourage everyone to introduce themselves to the new members that have recently joined the club. First impressions make all the difference in the world. What better reflection of our Bonnycastle Family than to introduce yourself to a new member.  As an example, I was sitting in the game room with my wife Liz last week talking with other members as I watched Bill Reisert ( aka Slim!) get out of his chair and walk down to the north end of the bar to introduce himself to a new member who was sitting alone. He invited him to come join the group sitting at the south end of the bar. This small gesture not only left a good first impression of what the Bonnycastle Club is but reaffirmed to the new member why he joined the club and that it was the right decision.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me personally should you wish to discuss any issue near and dear to your heart.

Yours truly,

Larry Marko

Bonnycastle Club 2018 / 2019 / 2020 President