By now many of you know that our Club President Mark Blankenbaker has recently had some serious back surgery. I’m very happy to report that Mark is coming along well and should be back to the club soon. I have worked quiet closely with Mark the past few months and have seen that he was often in a great deal of pain. However, his dedication to the club and his position have been unwavering. In his absence we have a solid line of Board Officers and Board Members who are continuing to diligently serve the club with the same dedication.

As part of the board’s commitment to success, in September we will be issuing a detailed club wide survey. This is not a casual poll, but rather an official survey which will help us determine club demographics, uses, questions on space utilization, events, services, finances, and many other items which will aid us in evaluation of many things and serve as a guide for future operations. You have a voice!

In keeping with this proactive stance, the recent upstairs leak which has caused several thousand dollars (insured) damage to our kitchen area has given us the opportunity to roll into our renovation a long overdue complete review of our club electrical system. Safety of the building and the well-being of the membership are our main concern. With that in mind we have ordered a complete business first aid station. Along with our AED, it will provide
immediate aid to any member in an emergency. The Red Cross will be training and certifying our staff, myself included, in CPR and the proper use of these first aid items. As August is a slow month and we have lost our kitchen for the time being, I’d urge each of you
to make an extra effort to use the club as much as possible.

Remember, or (502) 424-6621. Call or email me directly with any questions, comments, or concerns about the club. And of course, I am always glad to talk to you personally.

Have a great August!

See you at the club,