JULY! Amazing how fast the first six months of 2022 have flown away! We have had some major changes at the The Bonnycastle Club in 2022. Hopefully you haven’t noticed too many of the changes, as most are operational. In June a NEW POS ( Point of Sale) system was installed. Look for some very exciting options we will start using in the near future. The bartenders are still learning all the options, but they have selling a Cocktail down. We have tightened down purchasing, receivables, and payables. A Oversight Review Committee was initiated, this committee will review all financial transactions weekly. Of course we increased drink prices, thank you for your understanding of this very difficult decision.

John Campbell was hired as the Bar Manager on April18th. Hopefully most of you have met John. His contributions to the Club have made a huge impression in this short time. So much that the Board of Directors, moved to hire John as the NEW BONNYCASTLE CLUB MANGER at the Board meeting on June 20th. John will oversee all operations at the Club; The Bar, Events, Dinners, Purchasing, Reservations, Maintenance and Daily Operations. The Board Committee’s remain in place, so please run your ideas by the committee’s as normal. As you will discover John is a Hands On Manager, he will seek you out to introduce himself to you soon, all you need to do is show up at the Club. John plans to send a letter of introduction to everyone soon.

The Bonnycastle needs your HELP! July and August are traditionally slow months. You can help by making more trips to the Club. Going out to eat? Choose a great restaurant on Bardstown Road, come by the Bonnycastle for a pre or post dinner cocktail! Not sure if you know this but our drink prices are fantastic, so much in fact you’ll save enough money to go out again next week. Or if you are pre-gaming you might just stay at the Bonnycastle and enjoy one or two of the $6.00 pizza’s we serve!

We have a couple meals planned in July, TJ’s Team Wing Night on July (7/13) Chicken Dinner Team Marko (7/24). Plus two Thirsty Thursday’s ( 7/7 & 7/28). We serve great meals at the Bonnycastle and the price is right, Come enjoy great food!

The Bonnycastle Cocktail Club meets on July 27th, 7PM. Come try a new Cocktail and learn how it’s created. For full list of Events see the Calendar attached to this email, on the Video board by the Bar or Facebook page. A bi-weekly What’s Happening at the Bonnycastle Club email is sent to all that have signed up. If you’d like to be included text Chris Whigham at 502-682-7192.

See you at the Bonnycastle Club soon!

Mark Blankenbaker-President

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