FOOTBALL is in the air! College Football started the last weekend in August to kickoff the season. A full schedule of College games starts the first week of September 3rd. Bills vs Rams kickoff the NFL season on September 8th, followed by a full slate of games on September 11th. The Bonnycastle is ready to host you and your group of friends to watch any game you’d like to watch.

We will have a Tailgate Potluck Party on September 3rd, starting at 6:30PM, bring a dessert or side dish, the Club will supply the Bratwursts. UK vs Miami (OH) kick’s off at 7PM, followed by UL and Syracuse at 8PM. Every weekend, from 1PM to 4PM we will have a Dog & Suds Special a Hot Dog, bag of Chips and Cold Beer for only $5.00.

September also brings the Membership Dues payment period 9-1-22 till 10-31-22. To qualify for fourth quarter Bonnybucks, payment must be received by 10-1-22. The Board of Directors debated and voted to raise dues by $50.00, to $425.00. With this increase your Bonnybucks will increase to $20.00 per quarter. If you use your Bonnybucks each quarter you will only have a net increase of $10.00 for the year. Please consider paying Dues by Cash or Check, the bank charges a processing fee for ALL Credit Card Transitions.

Raising dues isn’t popular, and the Board understands it effects all members. However we are looking for a break even point. Every area of spending at the Club is under continuous review to control our cost. I’ve had several Members ask why did we raise drink and beer prices, simple answer is to increase revenue. The Club has two revenue streams, DUES and Bar Sales. In the first seven months of 2022, our fixed cost including payroll was $724 per day. Fixed cost items include bank charges, business license, cable, insurance, janitorial, professional fees, repairs, taxes, utilities, and satellite TV and payroll. New membership dues of $425 will cover 210 days, leaving Bar Sales to generate $112,220 to cover our fixed cost. As you can see this small increase will help the Club possibility reach the break even point.

If you have questions, please contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss any questions!

See you at the Bonnycastle Club!

Mark Blankenbaker
President- The Bonnycastle Club