With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, I want to take a moment to extend to each of our Bonnycastle Club members and their families, on behalf of the entire Board of Directors, our sincerest best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving! You have been a major source of inspiration and support to us throughout the year and we wish you all the best for not just Thanksgiving, but for the entire holiday season.

There is a great deal of activity at the club in the remainder of November and continuing through December; our Bardstown Road Aglow event, Children’s Christmas Party, Club Christmas Party, and of course New Year’s Eve, just to name a few. We also have many private events scheduled for the Pflumm Room and Zip Room through December. Thanks to all of you who have chosen to use and support your club.

One way we wish to thank you, several of the board members and other volunteers will be hosting a very special Member Appreciation Dinner on Friday, December 2. We will feature an authentic spaghetti dinner beginning at 6:30pm, there will be no charge for this event! The entire dinner will be paid for, prepared by, and served by the participating board members and volunteers. As an added feature at 8:30pm we will be giving tickets to each Member and Spouse, for a drawing for a bottle of 12 Year Old Van Winkle Bourbon, that has been paid for and donated by our General Manager John Campbell.

One of the many things we have accomplished this year is the hiring of John as our General Manager. He has helped us in putting our club on a sound financial track, provided excellent service alongside our exceptional staff, and, through his outgoing personality and visibility, provided us with true professional management. Our thanks to John and all our staff.

In closing, we hope to see all of you not just Friday, December 2, but throughout the month. You may be assured of our continued efforts to fiscal responsibility, integrity, duty, and pride in your club through maintaining our club traditions. We will continue to work hard to keep the Bonnycastle Club the great club that it has been for 103 years!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!
Mark Blankenbaker
President Bonnycastle Club